10 reasons to use VR at an exhibition or event

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10 reasons to use VR at an exhibition or event

At an exhibition or event, the returning issue is how to capture visitors’ attention. You do everything you can to get your message across. Some booth holders stay low key and focus on content. Others go all out to convince the audience.

Every business or organization asks itself: is the outcome of attending an exhibition worth the effort and the money? With so many different stands at any single exhibition, it is questionable whether prospective clients will find their way to you. Sound familiar? PEAK XV has answers for you. One of them is Virtual Reality. It’s relatively new and very effective in attracting visitors to come have a look inside your booth.


Ten reasons to use Virtual Reality at your exhibition or event

1. You are making the most of technology
VR is relatively new, exciting and sexy. Hardly anybody has a real VR set at home. But practically everyone wants to give it a go. Don’t be surprised if they start lining up outside your booth to see and hear your pitch. That line will, of course, pique the interest of others passing by.

2. You are maximizing exhibition space
Every square foot is costing you. The virtual world is as big as you want to make it. You can turn the smallest of stands into a gigantic VR-presentation. Allowing you to finally showcase your full range of products, simply from a seat. A few swivel chairs can do more than a huge exhibition space.

3. The person wearing the VR gear is in the limelight
Watching people with a VR headset on is almost just as fun as wearing one yourself. Free entertainment guaranteed at your stand as people twist in their seats, turn their heads around, making faces as they go through all kinds of emotions.

4. Your brand gets all the attention
Surrounded by so many impulses, it is very hard if not impossible to catch and keep visitors’ attention. A VR headset allows you to determine what visitors see and hear, while the rest of the exhibition disappears.

5. Your own rules, within the rules
At certain exhibitions, say ones that draw families, you will not be allowed to show anything inappropriate for under 18’ s. Let’s imagine you are attending the Love & Marriage show and want to demonstrate new sex toys that you are introducing to the market. What better way than to use VR? No one will notice and you’re not breaking any rules.

6. Individual experience
Virtual Reality opens up limitless possibilities. You can adjust the experience per person if you like. A tailored presentation will make your message that much stronger, as it specifically targets that person. Don’t forget to ask for their contact details in order to follow up with a personal proposal.

7. Easy to adapt
You want that car, but you prefer green? There, done! With leather seats? No problem. All options are at hand on site without you needing a single extra square foot of exhibition space. Gone are the days when you wished you had brought this or that product but left it at home in the warehouse.

8. Cost effective
Let’s be honest: with Virtual Reality, the sky is the limit. But you don’t have to go expensive to be effective. There are plenty of ways to create a low-cost spectacular presentation. A simple panorama photo sequence, for example, can do the trick.

9. Keep your secret
Especially if the exhibition you are attending is in a specific sector, you need to take care with what you choose to display, as competitors are watching too. Make your special proposition exclusive by showing it through a VR set: visitors will feel included in your secret. You decide who gets to see your content and so you can share a pre-view of your latest news without going viral right away.

10. Add a give-away
Take a taste of this back home? Most people don’t have the luxury of a VR headset in their homes but they do own smart phones. Ask for their email and send them a link to your presentation online. Give them a pair of cardboard VR glasses branded with your logo so that viewers can experience your Virtual Reality show using their own phone or tablet. You’ll definitely be liked!

These are just a few of the multiple advantages of using VR at an exhibition or event. Of course there are loads more technical possibilities to draw visitors to your booth or event. PEAK XV would love to help you determine your goals, your return, the hardware and the software you need for your master plan. Let’s go on this expedition together and we’ll bring you to the top!


Datum: 30-4-2018
Bron: vr-expert.nl