Can you ‘read’ the brain of someone else in 1 minute?

We all know that people are different and that we need to know a bit what matters to them. At least if we want to motivate them and get the most out of our leadership. That is not new. There are enough tools and training for this. Only this extra element you probably do not know yet. That extra element lies in the fact that you mainly look at how someone looks and what someone does instead of what someone says.
What is the secret to read people?
It’s very simple. If you look at someone’s face, you can read a lot. Because your shape, your eyebrows, your eyes and your mouth betray a lot about who you are.

That is why 5 simple landmarks for you in a row how you get behind someone’s personal interests.

1. Eyebrows: Watch someone’s eyebrows if you ask how the weekend was. People who are introverted will rather keep their eyebrows low and a fold is created between their eyebrows;

2. Type of desk: people with a tidy desk are people where the left hemisphere (logic, words, practical) will be more dominant and want more light in their office;

3. Laugh: people with a wider smile and who often laugh during a conversation will keep more of a challenge and variety. They dare to take decisions, are expressive and emotional;

4. Nose: people with a larger nose in combination with smaller eyes will be more dominant than people with small noses and larger eyes;

5. Hand: if someone feels uncomfortable with a question, you will notice that someone’s hands will try to ease that inconvenience again by, for example, sitting down with the hands on the face or neck, or going to play with a pen, spoon, paper.

Test it out: pay attention to these signs during a conversation. See if you recognize something. And then check whether it is correct. When you know that person better, you can also immediately conclude whether it is correct. Then you can test whether there is a reaction in the form of an expression if you ask a question that does not suit that person. Lots of fun!

Source: drs. Chantal van den Berg, gives lectures, keynotes and masterclasses