What’s the relation between humans and technology

An interesting report about the connected society of Platform Innovatie in Marketing. What’s the relation between humans and technology. Read the conclusion. Want to read the full report in Dutch? Download the pdf here.

Conclusion: In order to put customers central in the connected society, it is important that brands work at technological innovations and great ideas. only when based on human insights, they will really achieve something essential. in this trend report, we researched why people use technology and what new customs and habits materialized from using technology. we hope that these insights will help you to take new steps. 

Technology is addictive

We looked at addiction symptoms related to the use of technology. As social beings, people have an urge to stay connected. Technology makes that very easy. Digital devices give instant gratification for every social interaction. That feels so good that people want more and more. In addition, technology helps you get what you want when you want it, wherever you want it. As far as we are concerned, there are two clear needs that you as a marketer can respond to.

Who is pulling the strings?
In the Connected Society you can buy, do, arrange and know everything. All this in just a few clicks, without waiting. People have come to expect the same in the offline world. At the same time, they are well aware of how technology has become integrated in their lives. More and more people are taking digital control. They want to in control (again).
We see a growing desire for moments to relate to reality again. In addition, people are worried about their privacy, however paradoxical their behaviour may be. We signal an aversion to a life controlled by big data and algorithms. These developments are accumulating around a larger trend: a lack of confidence. More and more people will wonder whether they themselves or you or other marketers are at the controls. This is certainly something to take into account when exploring the possibilities of new technology.

Human Technology
We hope that we have challenged you to think beyond just technological opportunities. And start with the needs of the people who use it. We are convinced that
every successful innovation fulfils an essential need. Therefore start from human insights. Then connect technology to these insights to create even more customer-friendly products, services and experiences.

Market now
Finally, we offer you a checklist that summarizes our insights. And hopefully it will help you not to act as Chief Gadget Officer, but as a full-fledged marketer: someone who explores the potential of technology, but always judges from the extent to which it meets human motives and needs.

Good luck!