Miele Horecava

Miele has a clean activation programme on the event of Horecava.
At the Food & beverage exhibition the Horecava 2019, not all of the visitors were looking for a new laundry- washing- dry machine. Though Peak XV wanted to make sure that everyone would stop by at the booth of Miele Professional. So we pointed out one of the targets of Miele Professional; Hygienic clean

Hygienic clean is top priority for visitors and guests of hotels or restaurants. With an unique interactive visual we made the visitors of the booth aware of the amount of bacteria on individuals and how Miele Professional takes care that products are washed hygienic clean.

With a bodyscan on the booth visitors were invited to make a scan, we visualize the bacteria’s on their bodies. The visitors saw that most of the bacteria will be lit out on the sensitive places such as hands and faces. This is how Miele Professional is making the visitors aware of the amount of bacteria people are carrying and cannot be seen by the eye. In this inventive and original manner visitors are aware of hygiene.

After the bodyscan Miele Professional will, of course, let the visitors know what they can do for them on hygienic cleaning.